Packages & À La Carte

Action Packed $10

A 15-minute session of one-on-one specialized extra play tailored to your dog’s interest (e.g. fetch, water games, or walk), followed by a refreshing frozen treat to cool down.

Brush & Fluff $10

This is a 10-minute basic brushing with a spritz of dog-friendly cologne. Basic brushing does not include any de-shedding or de-matting treatments; we leave that up to our groomer.

Cuddle Bug $15

A 15-minute session includes a basic massage with aromatherapy. We’ll spray the room and bedding with a calming scent of lavender as well as massage it onto your pet. Add a gourmet treat for an additional $2. Room sprays and massage oils are made from therapeutic-grade essential oils and are dog-approved.

Tuck Me In $5

Before saying good night, we’ll spritz a calming mist of lavender in the air and on the bedding and leave them with an optional bedtime snack of choice.

  • Stuffed Kong: Small $3 | Medium $4
  • Stuffed Bone: Medium $4 | Large $5
  • Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit: $2

Optional treats are priced per dog and are in addition to the base package price.

Party Animal $10

If your dog is celebrating a special occasion, we’ll treat your pup to a homemade “PUPcake” and post a video of the party on our Facebook page. List of ingredients available upon request. Substituting a treat from home will not change package price.

À La Carte

  • Extra Walk: $8
  • Extra Playtime: $8
  • Treat of the Month: Price Varies
  • Stuffed Kong: Small $3, Medium $4
  • Stuffed Bone: Medium $4, Large $5
  • Video of Your Dog: $5 per Video
  • Gourmet Biscuit: $2

List of treat ingredients available upon request. No substitutions with in-house packages and à la carte items. All packages and à la carte items are available as in-house services only and are not available for retail.

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